[ERROR] Socket timeout

Dear experts,

I am running into an issue while trying to run over specific dataset. The error is following:

Error in <TNetXNGFile::ReadBuffers>: [ERROR] Socket timeout
Error in <TBranch::GetBasket>: File: root://xrootd-cms.infn.it//store/mc/.../someROOTfile.root at byte:0, branch:Pileup_nPU, entry:0, badread=1, nerrors=1, basketnumber=0

It gives me this error for all the dataset files of this specific dataset. For others (same dataset, different mass point) it works normally.

The strange thing is that I am able to access those files with:
root -l root://xrootd-cms.infn.it//store/mc/.../someROOTfile.root

Could you please help me to detect what is the problem?

Thank you & kind regards!

Maybe @jblomer can help

Could you try if you can copy the entire file to your machine with xrdcp root://.../someROOTfile.root someROOTfile.root. It may be that only parts of the file are inaccessible.

Hello @jblomer ,

yes, I can copy the file to the local machine.

Just to be sure, the original error still appears? I.e. it wasn’t a temporary glitch?

If you have the possibility to run you program with the local file, that could check if there is an issue with the content of that file.

Unfortunately, the error still appears. If I copy the file and run it locally, then it runs through and the error is gone.
It is very strange though and I tried various redirectors (I am a CMS member), but it does not work with either of them.

Ok, thank you for the additional information!

Could you run your original ROOT program that contacts the XRootD server with the environment variable XRD_LOGLEVEL=Dump, like

XRD_LOGLEVEL=Dump <rest of command line>

This would help us understand where exactly the XRootD client library has issues.