Error running ROOT Macros in VSCode in Windows

I am completely new to ROOT and C++ and I wanted to try to run ROOT in VSCode on Windows 11. I have followed the instructions according to the “How to run ROOT Macros in VS Code” Tutorial from 31 March 2021 (I am not allowed to post any links since I am new) . However, when I press F5 at the end, Call Stack [1] is paused on exception. This is what it looks like:

I have also noted that the format of the paths in the file seems to be wrong. The file paths contain both forward slashes and backward slashes.

I would appreciate any help and please ask for further information if necessary, I am getting started with ROOT so I was not quite sure what to show.

ROOT Version: root_v6.28.04
Platform: Windows 11
Compiler: g++ 13.1.0

Welcome to the ROOT Forum!
It looks like you try to run with the Windows native binaries, but AFAIK, running ROOT in VSCode only works on Linux (or in WSL)…