Error running exe linked with Root library and Cygwin on XP

I have created an executable on XP/Cygwin linked with root library.
I could run it fine in cygwin.

Now I would like to run the executable on a XP environement without cygwin and Root but with needed dll.

This executable seems to works fine for creating root file, but when trying to fit a TH1F histogram a segmentation fault appears .

TF1 *fitf = new TF1(“fitf”,fitf1,22200,22800,7);


Any idea ?

Best regards, Jean

Hi Jean,

Yes, don’t do it. cygwin alone is an adventure; adding “running without ROOT installed” makes it even worse. ROOT consists of much more than its dlls; please make sure you install a proper ROOT binary on a system that you want to run your program on.

Cheers, Axel.