Error propagation with variable binning

Dear ROOT users,
I have two histograms with 5 bins, x-range = 10 - 60. I am making a ratio plot by diving the two histograms using the Divide function, and extracting the Binomial error on the division.
I would like to make a plot with the following binning - 10 -20, 20-40 and 40 above (to ~80, on the x-axis). I am unsure of how to plot and propagate the error in variable binning, just as I am doing with the fixed binning.

Any leads are much appreciated !
Thank you.


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Is there an issue with having both the numerator and the denominator histograms with the same variable binning? If so, could you share a simple reproducer showing the issue?

Hello @Axel,
Thanks for your reply and sorry for the late reply ! No, I can plot the numerator and denomination on the same histo, but I now think that I need to use Rebin () for plotting the 10-20, 20-40 and 40-100 bins, I am trying it out at the moment :slight_smile:
Thanks !

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