Error of running in Cosmic-ray Shower Library

Hi Experts!

I want to use Cosmic-ray Shower Library(cry) in geant4. So I download it from

Fortunately, I find that it can use the root package in “test/”(Here is the cry’s manualcry.pdf (89.5 KB) ) Because I want get the flux of muon at the sea level.

Unfortunately, the flowing errors appeared when I ran it .Here is the (6.5 KB)
I have saw some resolutions of Xcode in Forum. But I am sorry that I can not understand them :cry: I remember I didn’t update my Xcode in AppStore.

Another questions are that how can I get the flux of muon? What informations should I get and how to analysis the datas for getting the consequence like this? :dizzy_face:
X_coordinates : Energy[MeV].
Y_coordinates : Flux(MeV-1S-1Cm-2)

I feel quiet confused now. :sob: Would you please hlep me? Thank you very much for you kind help :grimacing:
Best regards!

ROOT Version: 6.08/06
Platform: Mac 10.13.4
Compiler: gcc g++ 4.2.1/ Xcode 9.3.1/ cry_v1.7

The attached “” file is NOT any ROOT macro. It is a standalone application (using ROOT) which needs to be compiled. Contact its authors if you cannot find instructions how to use it.

Thank you very much for your patient help :grin:
I am sorry about my level of C++. I will try to deal with this problem :sob:
Best regards !
Wish you have a good day! :grinning:

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