Error notifying proxies in TTreeReader::SetEntryBase()


I’m using a TTreeReader to read several root files, and when using root 6.18 or newer, I get the following error messages:

Error in <TTreeReader::SetEntryBase()>: There was an error while notifying the proxies.
Warning in <TTreeReader::SetEntryBase()>: Unexpected error '-6' in TChain::LoadTree

This happens when trying to do TTreeReader::Next() and the file changes (i.e., it’s trying to load the first entry of the next file). But this seems to happen only for certain files; e.g., reading file1/file2/file3 fails on file3, while reading file1/file2 is fine, and reading file6/file7/file8, is fine. Also, reading file3/file1/file2 seems fine, so somehow the order of the files matters. Reading the “problematic” file3 by itself also works without any issues, and as far as I can tell it’s a normal, healthy file.

When I try to reproduce with root 6.16.00, I don’t get these messages and everything seems to work fine.

Are these messages safe to ignore?


ROOT Version: 6.18.00+
Platform: x86_64-centos7-gcc48-opt
Compiler: gcc48

@pcanal can you please help here?

There is something ‘special’ about file3.root :). The likely cause is that one of the branch is either missing or its type change. Examine (compare) carefully the output of TTree::Print for that file compared to the other.

Thanks, @pcanal, that was exactly the problem!

Is there any hope of improving the error/warning messages so that this is indicated to the average user? The messages about proxies and unexpected error -6 were not helpful.


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