Error message while starting root

I just downloaded an installed root ver. 3.10/01 for RedHat 9 as binary. Everything works fine so far (meaning, that I can do my work with root), but at startup I get an error message several times saying:

Error: cannot open /usr/local/root/cint/MAKEINFO
!!! There are examples of MAKEINFO files under /usr/local/root/cint/platform/ !!!
Please refer to these examples and create for your platform

But there is no folder “/usr/local/root/cint/platform/”. So what did I do wrong?



…if I just rename makeinfo to MAKEINFO, everything works fine. So could it be so simple? In my opinion, the paths are set correctly:

setenv ROOTSYS "/usr/local/root"
setenv PATH "${PATH}:${ROOTSYS}/bin"
setenv MANPATH “${ROOTSYS}/man”

Nevertheless: The message:"!!! There are examples of MAKEINFO files under /usr/local/root/cint/platform/ !!"

is not true, because (at least in the binary package) there isn´t a subfolder named /platform.

Thanks for your help.

Hi kasselm,
try to change order in your setting like:

setenv PATH "${ROOTSYS}/bin:${PATH}"

HTH. Regards. Valeriy


This has no effect. The problem only disappears, when I write makeinfo in capital letters. As long as it works this way, it´s ok for me. Perhaps the only problem is, that somebody fogot to write it in capital letters?!?


Hi kasselm,
yes MAKEINFO must be in capital letters.
Which distribution you are using?
I checked both RH9 binaries from

MAKEINFO is in capital letters over there.

Regards. Valeriy


I used this one:

Intel x86 Linux for Redhat 9.0 and gcc 3.2.2, version 3.10/01

And makeinfo was in small letters after copying it over the old binary version. Then it was probably my fault. What´s important is, that the problem is solved now. :slight_smile: