Error message: The sequence of actions to read memberwise

Dear all,

I get a strange error message when I try to read back a data structure from a TTree stored in a root file:

Fatal in : The sequence of actions to read AliTRDonlinePIDtest:1 member-wise was not initialized.

What does this error message mean? AliTRDonlinePIDtest is a quite simple class I have written.

The story behind it:
I have a program which writes instances of a class A to a ROOT TTree. The class contains a TClonesArray of type AliTRDonlinePIDtest. As soon as (but only if) I insert fTest = new TClonesArray(“AliTRDonlinePIDtest”, 0); in the constructor of class A I get the error message above when I try to access data stored in the tree. AliTRDonlinePIDtest itself is simple. It contains a constructor, an empty destructor and some Int_t, Char_t and Short_t member variables. No pointer, no TRef no arrays or other more complex data types.


This indicates a bug in the TStreamerInfo initialization sequence. Please report this (with a running example) in the bug report system (