Error message: expression in new declarator must have integral or enumeration type

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>
#include <new>
using namespace std;

struct vector
    double x,y,z;

struct ivector
    int ix,iy,iz;

struct vmodel
    int nx,ny,nz;                                         //grid dimensions
    int nr;                                               //number of reflectors

    struct vector r1,r2;                                  //2 corners of the spanning model
    float dx,dy,dz;
    float s1_size,rf_size,jp_size,ir_size,ij_size,layer_size;

   // dynamic arrays being declared here

    float *s1=new float[s1_size];                         
    float *rf=new float[rf_size];                       
    float *jp=new float[jp_size];                        
    int *ir=new int[ir_size];                               
    int *ij=new int[ij_size];                               
    int *layer=new int[layer_size];



this is just code and I cannot understand what the actual issue is and how it occurs, with which ROOT version on which platform.
Nevertheless, a piece of advice I can give is

  • never use statements such as “using namespace XYZ” in header files (I assume the snippet above is a header)
  • do not create entities with the same name of the stl ones in the global namespace, especially after using a “using namespace std” declaration



The compiler tells you (in its own delightful colorful way) that one cannot create a dynamic array whose size is a floating point value.
Either declare the s1_size,etc variable as e.g. int or convert them to e.g. int when declaring the arrays.


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