Error manipulating vectors with sort() and unique()

Hello everybody,
I am using ROOT5.30
I try to use the sort() and unique() function but there is a problem.

The syntax i am using is


where v is my vector.
I added #include but i still have a problem:

Internal error: template function call __unguarded_partition failed algo.h:725: *** Interpreter error recovered ***

Did you already have this ?
How can i fix ?

Thank you in advance


The easiest way is to compile (via ACLiC) those template calls.


Thank you pcanal,
There is not another solution ?
Because my script doesn’t work with ACLiC. It works with the usual way.
There are maybe other templates i can use ?

I found another solution. I used a “bubble sort”. It is really long but if i erase double elements before to sort, that is not so long.

Thank you