Error loading dictionary shared library

I have followed the steps in the tutorial ( in order to create a CINT dictionary for a new (simple) class. After typing make everything is correct: ditionary generation and linkation to the shared library . The problem arises when I try to load the created shared library in root doing gSystem->Load(“”). The error message is the following:

root [0] gSystem->Load("") dlopen error: /home/delaossa/root_examples/ClassGeneration/./ undefined symbol: _ZTV7QEevent Load Error: Failed to load Dynamic link library /home/delaossa/root_examples/ClassGeneration/./ (int)(-1) *** Interpreter error recovered ***

I send the source code for the case it can help. (it is very small and simple).

Thank you in advance.

QEeventdict.tar.gz (1.7 KB)

You forgot to imp,lement the destructor.
In your .C file, add

QEevent::~QEevent() { }


I can believe it… :open_mouth:
I would have never thought that.

Thanks a lot Rene!