ERROR libconfig++ related to namespace definition - ROOT v6

i’ve a problem with root v6 (v6.08.00 and v6.10.08 releases), regard libconfig++. This is the error:

/usr/include/libconfig.h++:78:20: error: namespaces can only be defined in global or namespace scope
namespace libconfig{

inside the lib definition. Any solution? I use an UBUNTU 16.04 LTS pc.
I’ve no problem with root v5.34/10 in an other pc.
The problem is the clang compilator, cint compilator is ok.


Maybe @Axel can help…

What exactly are you trying to do - #include <some_header.h>? Which one?

In my shell script, I execute the command:
root -l “, “${path}”, ${nrun}, ${nevt})“
that use the root script. In this file, in process(), I include an other script “” using :
in which I load libconfig and new my classes:
gROOT->ProcessLine(".L MyClass1.h");
gROOT->ProcessLine(".L MyClass2.h");

When i execute ./ par1 par2 etc… root can’t find method of MyClass1…MyClassN, because it doesn’t execute the gROOT->ProcessLine(".x") presented in my root script.
So, how can i load correctly my class and a root script using root v6?
I’d like to underline that, using a root v5 version, there’s no problem.

Thanks for your help.

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