#error iosenum.h compiler version mismatch. (fixed)

Hi all.
I try to build cint with nmake and visualc++. Somehow it stops with this error:

C:\Users\Lis\Documents\work\cint-svn\bin\cint_tmp.exe -nApiif.cxx -NG__API -Z0 -D__MAKECINT__ -c-1 -IC:\Users\Lis\Documents\work\cint-svn\cint\inc -IC:\Users\Lis\Documents\work\cint-svn\reflex\inc -IC:\Users\Lis\Documents\work\cint-svn\cint\src -IC:\Users\Lis\Documents\work\cint-svn\cint\include -IC:\Users\Lis\Documents\work\cint-svn\cint\stl -IC:\Users\Lis\Documents\work\cint-svn\cint\lib Api.h #error $CINTSYSDIR/include/iosenum.h compiler version mismatch. Do'cd $CINTSYSDIR/include; cint iosenum.cxx' to restore !!!Removing Apiif.cxx Apiif.h !!! NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\Users\Lis\Documents\work\cint-svn\bin\cint_tmp.exe' : return code '0x1' Stop. NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\BIN\nmake.exe"' : return code '0x2' Stop. Stop.

The iosenum.h file contains:

[code]/* include/iosenum.h

  • This file contains platform dependent ios enum value.
  • Run ‘cint include/iosenum.cxx’ to create this file. It is done
  • only once at installation. */
    #if !defined(G__MSC_VER) || (G__MSC_VER!=1500)
    #error $CINTSYSDIR/include/iosenum.h compiler version mismatch. Do’cd $CINTSYSDIR/include; cint iosenum.cxx’ to restore
    #if !defined(G__WIN32) || (G__WIN32!=1)
    #error $CINTSYSDIR/include/iosenum.h compiler version mismatch. Do’cd $CINTSYSDIR/include; cint iosenum.cxx’ to restore
    #pragma ifndef G__TMPLTIOS
    static int ios::goodbit=0;
    static int ios::eofbit=1;
    static int ios::failbit=2;
    static int ios::badbit=4;
    static int ios::in=1;
    static int ios::out=2;
    static int ios::ate=4;
    static int ios::app=8;
    static int ios::trunc=16;
    static int ios::binary=32;
    static int ios::beg=0;
    static int ios::cur=1;
    static int ios::end=2;
    static int ios::boolalpha=16384;
    static int ios::adjustfield=448;
    static int ios::basefield=3584;
    static int ios::floatfield=12288;
    static int ios::skipws=1;
    static int ios::left=64;
    static int ios::right=128;
    static int ios::internal=256;
    static int ios::dec=512;
    static int ios::oct=1024;
    static int ios::hex=2048;
    static int ios::showbase=8;
    static int ios::showpoint=16;
    static int ios::uppercase=4;
    static int ios::showpos=32;
    static int ios::scientific=4096;
    static int ios::fixed=8192;
    static int ios::unitbuf=2;
    #pragma else
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::boolalpha=16384;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::dec=512;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::fixed=8192;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::hex=2048;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::internal=256;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::left=64;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::oct=1024;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::right=128;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::scientific=4096;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::showbase=8;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::showpoint=16;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::showpos=32;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::skipws=1;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::unitbuf=2;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::uppercase=4;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::adjustfield=448;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::basefield=3584;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::floatfield=12288;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::badbit=4;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::eofbit=1;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::failbit=2;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::goodbit=0;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::app=8;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::ate=4;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::binary=32;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::in=1;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::out=2;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::trunc=16;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::beg=0;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::cur=1;
    static ios_base::fmtflags ios_base::end=2;
    #pragma endif [/code]
    As you see this error is generated if 2 Macros are not defined. I tried to invoke cint_tmp.exe with:

But still the same error?
Note that only the Error for G__WIN32 is thrown.

Greets Louis

Seems it was fixed within the current svn?
Now I get another error:

cl -O2 -MD -nologo -wd4181 -wd4996 -wd4430 -EHs -TP -GR -DG__REDIRECTIO -DG__SHAREDLIB -DG__WIN32 -DWIN32 -D_WIN32 -DG__NEWSTDHEADER -D_CRT_SECURE_NO_DE PRECATE=1 -DG__HAVE_CONFIG -DG__NOMAKEINFO -DCC_WSDK61 -IC:\Users\Lis\Documents\ work\cint-svn\cint\inc -Fdsrc\disp.pdb -Fosrc\disp.obj -c src\disp.cxx disp.cxx src\disp.cxx(2211) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier ' G__signal' src\disp.cxx(2219) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ')' before identifier ' signal' src\disp.cxx(2219) : error C2059: syntax error : ')' src\disp.cxx(2220) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ')' before 'constant' src\disp.cxx(2220) : error C2059: syntax error : ')' src\disp.cxx(2225) : warning C4508: 'G__signal' : function should return a value ; 'void' return type assumed NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\ VC\BIN\cl.EXE"' : return code '0x2' Stop. NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\ VC\BIN\nmake.exe"' : return code '0x2' Stop.

Where the typedef in G__ci.h is:

And the line in disp.cxx:

Hi Louis,

You are missing the macro definition
which is needed when compiling the source code of the cint library.


PS. Avoid double posting your issue, we are monitoring both the root forum and
the cint mailing list.

Ah, it works now, thanks.

PS.: Roger, no doublepost.

I updated CINT from svn, and now it gives same error - version mismatch… It is cygwin for msvs8 biuld configuration…

I don’t define anything, assuming “configure” does all needed for “make”.

Should I add macros -DG__CINTBODY to make? I think it is something else.


Hi Eugene,

I can not reproduce the problem :frowning:.
Did you try rebuilding from scratch?


On my system the error was thrown becouse Apiif.cxx and Apiif.h where not created. The have to be present in cint/src/dict.

Is this the same case for you?

I wrote a bug report about this error:
You can also find a temporary fix there.

Hi Louis,

This is now fixed.

Thanks for reporting this problem.