Error including iomanip.h


i am using Root version 5.26.00c_python2.5. When i try to include iomanip.h in a macro this leads to the following error:

Warning: Automatic variable G__IOMANIP_H is allocated /afs/
Error: Undeclared variable G__IOMANIP_H /afs/

What am i doing wrong here?

cheers, Klemens

for completeness the macro i am calling with .L myMacro.C

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>

TString format(Float_t value) {
  std::stringstream outputLine;
  std::stringstream svalue;
  svalue  << std::setprecision(3) << value;
  outputLine << svalue.str();
  return outputLine.str();


Do you still have this problem? I am not able to reproduce it on lxplus using the exact version of ROOT listed in the error message and your exact macro. So my guess is that you either had a setup problem (more than once version of ROOT setup at the same time) or there was additional actions that lead to some sort of corruption of the memory.