Error in XRootD file close


Not sure if this the correct place to post, but I need to understand if this is a ROOT issue or an XRootD issue.

I am getting the following error consistently:
Error in <TNetXNGFile::Close>: [ERROR] Socket error

This happens on closing a file opened/created over XRootD. I have been seeing similar errors previously as listed in my previous post here.

I am using ROOT 6.10/00 and XRootD 4.6.1. XRootD is built prior separately and ROOT links to it at its own build time.

The files are almost always on CERN’s EOS and accessed with TFile::Open(). Authentication method is Kerberos token.



Do you see this error if you try from lxplus the latest LCG release:

source /cvmfs/

This will use ROOT 6.08.06 and XRootD 4.5.0.



Unfortunately, yes.


Hi Konstantin,

Could you share a reproducer of the error? Or even better, open a JIRA ticket:

so that the bug is properly addressed?

Thank you,


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