Error in <TUrl::TUrl>: .root.mimes malformed, URL must contain "://"

I am using Mac system (oS X Yosemite 10.10.3). Till two days ago root was working fine.
Since yesterday while doing “root-l Macro.C” I am getting errors like
Processing Macro.C…
Error in TUrl::TUrl: /Users/priyankasett:/Users/priyankasett:/Users/priyankasett:/Users/priyankasett/.root.mimes malformed, URL must contain “://”

*** Break *** segmentation violation
I have attached the detailed err in a separate file. I am also attaching a simple macro.
I am not using TUrl class anywhere.
What I found is the TClasses runs fine from the root terminal but as I include that
in the macro, this kind of error occurs.
I am using root version v-34-30. I have tried to solve the problem by reinstalling, but it didn’t help.

Please somebody suggest me what is going wrong. Is it a problem with my OS or root or something else


test3.C (507 Bytes)
err.txt (4.37 KB)


the macro you attach is perfectly sane (verified with root6/5 mac/linux). It seems to be an issue with your setup: it’s probably worth thinking about what changed in the past two days.


I was trying to install aliroot.
But aliroot and root are installed in different places and the environment
in the bash file are given accordingly.
This may cause any problem???


Hi Priyanka,

it could be. For this kind of issues it’s probably better to address questions to Alice experts.


Hi Danilo,
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:.