Error in <TTreeFormula::Compile>: Bad numerical expression : "electron0_nSeed"

Hi everyone,
When I try to scan some of the variables in the ntuple I made by doing for instance with the electron0_nSeed redTree->Scan("electron0_nSeed")
, I got the error above. Can someone help me please to know where this error could come from.
I attached the code from which it is generated. The code is a bit huge so the electron0_nSeed variable for instance appears in lines 69, 406, 765, and 1201. And the Ntuple is in this link … .root?dl=0
Cheers (76.7 KB)

Some branches in you tree have names with an “additional” space character in the end -> this breaks ROOT.

Thnaks a lot Pepe, I removed the space and it’s ok :smiley: