Error in <TNetXNGFile::ReadBuffers>: [ERROR] Socket timeout

Dear experts,

I am trying to access the centrally stored nanoAOD files and I get errors of the following type while opening/accessing a subset of them (TChain or TFile open):

Error in <TNetXNGFile::ReadBuffers>: [ERROR] Socket timeout
Error in <TBranch::GetBasket>: File: root:// at byte:0, branch:nElectron, entry:0, badread=1, nerrors=1, basketnumber=0
 *** Break *** segmentation violation

The error seems to come during an RDataFrame snaphsot step, which may be running for a long time. Is there a way to keep it from timing out? I am able to manually download the file and run the script locally without using xrootd.

This is with ROOT 6.24/06.


Hi @hsaka ,

thank you for the report. The root cause of the problem seems to be a network error (a socket timeout) while reading the file. Maybe the connection was not stable during processing? Or maybe some settings on the server side prevent a long-lasting connection? Can you successfully read that file with xrdcp (the xrootd copy tool) or with root-readspeed?