Error in TMySQLServer: lost connection

Hello, I sometimes obtain this kind of error when I run mty analysis jobs:

Error in <TMySQLServer::TMySQLServer>: Code: 2013  Msg: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

But my jobs don’t crash and exit correctly at the end of the data processing. My question is: has the processing been correctly carried out? Maybe after loosing the connection the TMySQLServer connects again to the MySQL serve avoiding any fatal error?

Depends. Is this you own code or some framework code using TMySQLServer? The TMySQLServer supports a 'reconnect" option that can be used. Is that used? If not, your query did likely fail. See

Cheers, Fons.

Thanks Fons. It’s my code, but I don’t set the reconnect flag, maybe it’s enabled by default?

Might be, but check if your TMySQLServer did become a Zombie() (that bit is set in case of an error). In that case you probably did not get any data.

Cheers, Fons.

Again, thank you very much. I’ll check as you suggested.