Error in <TGClient::TGClient>

i’m really a new cygwin/root user .
i installed cygwin in win2000. then i downloaded the root_v3.10.01.win32gcc.tar.gz file in the c:\cygwin\usr\local, and, after the command tar -xvzf, i tried the command $root.
only the first time it worked
now i have this error message:

Error in TGClient::TGClient: can’t open display “localhost:0.0”, bombing…


…of course i don’t know where the problem can be…do you have any idea?

i can launch the program with the command $root -b
in this case everything seems to be ok.



start X, e.g. using “” from a cygwin bash shell. Or check out “Morten’s Cygwin X launcher” (google, download, run). You can start root with graphics from within a xterm (the shell that opens when running an X server).