Error in <RootX11ErrorHandler>

I’m running root on SLC3 through Exceed (a proprietary X emulator) which
is in turn running on a windows desktop.

I have written a number of different root macros which are designed to run
in CINT and manipulate histograms produced by a separate program.

Sometimes these macros will stop running and hang the root session,
producing an error very similar to the following:

Error in <RootX11ErrorHandler>: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
(TGCompositeFrame XID: 62915834, XREQ: 73)
TGCompositeFrame:       62915834
        TGViewPort:     62915809
        TGCanvas:       62915808
        TGCompositeFrame:       62915806
        TRootCanvas:    62915611

The only way out is to kill the root session from another terminal and
try again.

I’ve no idea why this happens. The error does not always occur and seems
to have no obvious pattern. It could be connected with the weather, time
of day or phases of the moon as far as I know :wink:

This is extremely frustrating as I often have to kill root and re-run the
same macro several times before it will complete execution.

The Linux system I’m running on is shared by a number of users so it could
be connect with the activity of other root sessions.

If anyone has any insights at all they would be greatly appreciated.




A long time ago, I also used to use Exceed but was seeing similar problems. I have given up on Exceed and have been using cygwin (especially for its X windows) very successfully.


Ahh, I’ve always been suspicious of Exceed. Unfortunatly I have little choice in the matter as Exceed has been imposed upon me by our system administrator.

Thanks for your input though. I’ll mention it to the admin guys in my department.