Error in <RootX11ErrorHandler>: BadWindow (invalid Window p

Hi all,

There have been a couple of post previously on the topic of this error, but my question relates specifically to whether it is possible to regain control of the window when this occurs.

I am preparing figures for a paper which involves a lot of drawing TGraphs and TLines over a TH2 spectrum plotted on a canvas. I seem to get this error randomly when I try to add a TLatex label to the canvas using the canvas toolbar function. It is extremely annoying when this happens after already having plotted most of the graphs I need on the figure.

What causes this error? And can I regain control of the canvas (i.e. be able to add more primitives to the canvas, and have the ability to save as an image) after receiving it without having to start again from scratch?

:imp: This is doing my bloody head in :imp:


X being unhappy means that the window cannot be controlled anymore. So let’s try to avoid getting there to begin with.

What is the exact error message? “invalid Window” what?

Is this local or did you ssh to another machine? Local or not, what is the local machine’s OS? If remote, how did you connect?

Cheers, Axel.

Hi Axel,

Yes, patience is a virtue as they say :unamused:

Indeed I am occasionally operating remotely when I am working. I’m using Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS on my local computer, and connecting via ssh (with -Y) to the machine running ROOT (with OS Ubuntu precise (12.04.5 LTS)). Actually, I have to connect to this machine via our departments file servers in order to get onto the local network in the university (again via ssh -Y), this one running OS Scientific Linux release 6.1 (Carbon).

Sounds like that might be the issue?

The exact error message is:

Error in : BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) (XID: 75497772, XREQ: 2)

Seems to occur almost randomly, and is only something that has started happening very recently, though I have spent a lot of time (and done probably ~ 50% of my phd work to date) operating remotely. Interestingly, I had an issue the other day (perhaps before this issue came to light… can’t remember) where my local machine seemingly ‘forgot’ where was, and my .profile file lost this information. Also, despite having set up an alias for launching ROOT on the machine running root (rl = root -l), and this working fine when I am physically working on the host machine, this has stopped working remotely. Could these be related?