Error in Reading a root file

Dear All,
When I want to read a root file I got the following error. Please give your comments/suggestion on how to solve the problem.

======================error message==========================
��Oc�ۖ$6�ű�4���@D�0�rv$�’��er>: Unknown class �?����h���
��� [���/H+N�@��u+a�
Info in TFile::GetStreamerInfoList: cannot find the StreamerInfo record in file data/10GeV_0_7fm.root
Error: illegal pointer to class object t1 0x0 2968 prog1.C:36:
*** Interpreter error recovered ***


Hi Kalyan,

Either you are trying to read a ROOT File that is corrupted (and thus the data is lost) or have been produced by a version of ROOT that is too much newer than the version of ROOT you are using (in which the problem would be solved by upgrading your version of ROOT to the lastest version).