Error in installing TMVA

Hello,after command “make” in /tmva i got this.What should i do?


You might have missed to enable ROOT in your environment or you might have a ROOT version without TMVA. Please try running root-config --features and check if it contains tmva. If root-config does not run, make sure that you called . </path/to/ROOT>/bin/

The easiest to get a ROOT version with TMVA is downloading the binary releases that correspond to your Linux version:


Thank you for your answer.In root-config is written that tmva is included,but “make” is still not working.

I’m inviting @oshadura, who might have an idea what could be the issue?

@elizaveta could you please elaborate what are you trying to do? Your goal is to compile TMVA tutorials? Makefile you are running not tested for a long time.

Hello,no,i have binary version of root 6.22/02 and im trying to run tmva(to compile it up)
(I want to do regression analysis with tmva)

Can you run the macros directly from ROOT with root -l TMVARegression.C and compiled with ACLiC, e.g. root -l TMVARegression.C+?