Error in installin ROOT on Mac 10.6.2


I am installing root 5.26 from source on Mac 10.6.2(Core 2 duo) as given here - … oot-source

I downloaded root.tar file and then untared it. The I proceeded with the following steps -

cd root
./configure --help
./configure macosx
make -j 2

But when I did make -j 2 , I got an error. I have attached the error log along with this mail (copied it into a doc file)

Can you please have a look and point out what I am doing wrong OR am I missing something.

Thanks & Regards,
Error.doc (312 KB)


from the attached log file it looks like you’ve not correctly installed the Xcode development environment with the needed system header files. Please install Xcode that came one the system disk, or download it from the Apple website.

Cheers, Fons.