Error in fitting on lxplus8: Error in <TVirtualFFT::FFT>: plugin not found

Dear ROOT community,

I’m trying to run code in lxplus which includes TConvolution and TGraphErrors->Fit(“my_convoluted_TF1”). It works fine on my laptop, but as soon as I’m trying to run it on lxplus (in preparation for job submission), I get the following warnings:

Error in TVirtualFFT::FFT: plugin not found
Error in TVirtualFFT::FFT: plugin not found
Warning in TF1Convolution::MakeFFTConv: Cannot use FFT, probably FFTW package is not available. Switch to numerical convolution

The fit looses precision to a considerable extent although it runs faster.

lxplus8 has ROOT 6.28/02, my laptop and lxplus9 have ROOT 6.26.10.

Does Anyone know a solution to this issue?


The version you are using in lxplus looks to be build without FFT support. Did you use a ROOT binary from cvmfs ?


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