Error in cling::AutoloadingVisitor::InsertIntoAutoloadingState

When I am compiling Example7.C (2.6 KB) with the Makefile.txt (988 Bytes) the compilation succeeds. But I run the executable file its this error message error.txt (4.5 KB). Can anyone please help me with this problem?
Thank you.

Please export ROOT_INCLUDE_PATH=/path/to/dir_X where dir_X contains

(And FYI we’re working on a solution such that this will not be needed at some point in the future - it’ll be solved by a feature we refer to as “runtime C++ modules”. I expect to get rid of ROOT_INCLUDE_PATH only in 2019, though.)

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Did you mean in the bashrc file?

I tried as you said. But the error is the same. This is my bashrc.txt (4.4 KB). Please help me out with this problem.
Thank you

After editing the bashrc file you need to start a new terminal or call source ~/.bashrc. Does /home/sayan/Delphes-3.4.1/external/ExRootAnalysis/ExRootTreeReader.h exist?

Thanks for the help. Now the error in cling message is gone but there is still some error error2.txt (3.0 KB). Can you please help me out with this ?

You did something wrong with the chain name: TChain::Add (this=0x7ffcd5c9e770, name=0x2 <error: Cannot access memory at address 0x2>, nentries=9223372036854775807)

You’re likely better off using that code in ROOT directly, at the prompt, which helps you with debugging such issues. Just run “.x mycode.C” at the ROOT prompt instead of using a Makefile.


It is working well in the root prompt. But I need to use make file. Is there anything you can suggest that I have to change in my code? Thanks a lot for helping me.

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