Error in cling::AutoloadingVisitor when loading Delphes libraries


I have the following error when trying to run a macro using Delphes libraries:error.txt (33.3 KB). This happens when I run the code remotely, while on my laptop with the same code (same ROOT installation, madgraph, delphes,pythia …) I don’t have any problem.
To use Delphes libraries I write in the macro:

#ifdef CLING
#include “classes/DelphesClasses.h”
#include “external/ExRootAnalysis/ExRootTreeReader.h”

and then: gSystem->Load(“libDelphes”);

Can I ask kindly a suggestion on how to proceed to solve the problem?

Many thanks in advance

Please point ROOT to where the headers are. The easiest way is export ROOT_INCLUDE_PATH=/wherever/your/Delphes/is/include

Thank you, indeed I tried to do that, and it works.

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