Error function

Dear rooters,
In my code, I am checking some matrices if they can be inverted or not.
To do this, I create a TDecompLU object, and then I call the TDecompLU::Decompose() method which returns true or false.
The TDecompLU::Decompose() method, calls another one method, the TDecompLU::DecomposeLUCrout.
This method, also returns a bool value but it if the matrix is not Decomposable, it calls the Error function

Now, the above procedure is done inside the CMSSW and the problem is that when this Error function is called, cmsRun stops, producing this error:

----- Begin Fatal Exception 07-Nov-2013 12:55:11 EET----------------------- An exception of category 'FatalRootError' occurred while [0] Processing run: 206401 lumi: 91 event: 77266572 [1] Running path 'p' [2] Calling event method for module cmgMultijetSearchTree_KinFitter_KinematicFit/'Multijets' Exception Message: Fatal Root Error: @SUB=TDecompLU::DecomposeLUCrout matrix is singular ----- End Fatal Exception -------------------------------------------------

So, I would like to ask you if there is any way to “stop” this error function, or to make this function “quiet” ?

Thank you in advance!

Dear rooters,
I solved the problem by doing this:

catch (...)
    decomp_flag = true;