Error file install can not find

I am installing root in my pc but an error always shows up i did try with different root versions but problem still exist. I have shared pythia library also but no change the error is

/root/lib/ : no such file

after make i went to the lib directory it was there but as i install is vanished
the procedure is

cmake -Dgdml=ON -Dbuiltin_gsl=OFF -Dmathmore=ON -Dpythia8=ON -Droofit=ON -DGSL_DIR=/home/iitiphymsccomputer/software/gsl-2.6/ -DGSL_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE=/home/iitiphymsccomputer/software/gsl-2.6/bin/gsl-config -DPYTHIA8_DIR=/home/iitiphymsccomputer/software/pythia8235/ -DPYTHIA8_INCLUDE_DIR=/home/iitiphymsccomputer/software/pythia8235/include/ -DPYTHIA8_LIBRARY=/home/iitiphymsccomputer/software/pythia8235/lib/ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/iitiphymsccomputer/software/root …/root-6.14.00/

make -j4 / also i tried make
make install
and then error comes

Please post the actual error output, the above is not enough to let us know what the problem is. Thank you.

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