Error during make phase on cluster

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ROOT Version: v6.22.06
Platform: CentOS 7.8.2003.x86_64
Compiler: GCC/9.3.0


I want to compile ROOT from source file on my university cluster. The cmake is successful however the make phase fails. Here you can find the error:

ROOT_error.txt (126.0 KB)

Thank you for your help.


Hi @Gabriele87! Which cmake flags did you use for configuring ROOT?

Dear @oshadura I followed the instructions on the installation guide, so I didn’t change any default flag.

Dear @oshadura here you can find the error log file.
clad-build-err.txt (118.0 KB)
Thank you very much for your help.

@Gabriele87 Can you send me please your output for CMake configuration part? (cc: @vvassilev)

Dear @oshadura, here you can find the output for CMake configuration.
first.txt (14.1 KB)

@vvassilev do you know if you see such error before in clad?

In file included from /home/ubelix/dbmr/gb20r205/ROOT/root_src/interpreter/llvm/src/tools/clang/include/clang/Frontend/ASTUnit.h:27,
                 from /home/ubelix/dbmr/gb20r205/ROOT/root_src/interpreter/llvm/src/tools/clang/include/clang/Frontend/FrontendAction.h:24,
                 from /home/ubelix/dbmr/gb20r205/ROOT/root_src/interpreter/llvm/src/tools/clang/include/clang/Frontend/FrontendPluginRegistry.h:13,
                 from /home/ubelix/dbmr/gb20r205/ROOT/root_build/interpreter/llvm/src/tools/cling/tools/plugins/clad/clad-prefix/src/clad/tools/ClangPlugin.h:16,
                 from /home/ubelix/dbmr/gb20r205/ROOT/root_build/interpreter/llvm/src/tools/cling/tools/plugins/clad/clad-prefix/src/clad/tools/ClangPlugin.cpp:7:
/home/ubelix/dbmr/gb20r205/ROOT/root_src/interpreter/llvm/src/tools/clang/include/clang/Serialization/ASTBitCodes.h:23:10: fatal error: llvm/Bitcode/BitCodes.h: No such file or directory
   23 | #include "llvm/Bitcode/BitCodes.h"
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

I think this may be missing dependency. Could you run make -j12 CLING and then make?

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Dear @vvassilev I tried but I got the error that you can find in the attached file.

error_output.txt (22.2 KB)

Could it be a problem related to the loaded modules? Here below the list of modules that I’m using:

Currently Loaded Modules:

  1. M4/.1.4.18-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 12) ncurses/.6.2-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 23) libpng/.1.6.37-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H)
  2. Autoconf/.2.69-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 13) libreadline/.8.0-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 24) freetype/.2.10.1-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H)
  3. Automake/.1.16.1-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 14) Tcl/.8.6.10-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 25) util-linux/.2.35-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H)
  4. libtool/.2.4.6-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 15) SQLite/3.31.1-GCCcore-9.3.0 26) fontconfig/.2.13.92-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H)
  5. Autotools/20180311-GCCcore-9.3.0 16) XZ/.5.2.5-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 27) xorg-macros/.1.19.2-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H)
  6. zlib/.1.2.11-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 17) GMP/6.2.0-GCCcore-9.3.0 28) libpciaccess/.0.16-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H)
  7. cURL/7.69.1-GCCcore-9.3.0 18) libffi/.3.3-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 29) X11/20200222-GCCcore-9.3.0
  8. GCCcore/9.3.0 19) Python/3.8.2-GCCcore-9.3.0 30) libglvnd/1.2.0-GCCcore-9.3.0
  9. binutils/.2.34-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 20) CMake/3.16.4-GCCcore-9.3.0 31) libsndfile/1.0.28-GCCcore-9.3.0
  10. GCC/9.3.0 21) LLVM/9.0.1-GCCcore-9.3.0 32) numactl/2.0.13-GCCcore-9.3.0
  11. bzip2/.1.0.8-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 22) expat/.2.2.9-GCCcore-9.3.0 (H) 33) UCX/1.8.0-GCCcore-9.3.0

H: Hidden Module


Hi Gabriele,
in order to unblock you: you could try adding -Dclad=OFF to your cmake configuration command (cland seems to be the component that fails to compile, but it’s not required to compiler ROOT).

Otherwise, if that’s an option, you could try using a pre-packaged ROOT rather than compiling from source, see for all available options.


EDIT: you might also ask your system administrators to install ROOT system-wide

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