Error during Installation of Root in ubuntu system

I am trying to install root in my ubuntu 19.04 system. After giving the command
cmake --build . – -j1

I am getting this error. Can anyone pls suggest me how can I get rid of this error message, If have faced same error or know about it.
Thanks in advance!


Which version of ROOT are you building? I see you are building it on a virtual machine, so you have enough RAM and memory to build it?

Hi ,

I am building ROOT V6 10.04. Yes I am building it on Virtual Machine and It has I think sufficient RAM approx 5 MB and storage space is 100 GB.

I hope you meant 5 GB and not 5 Mb. The version of ROOT that you are using is pretty old, could you try to use more recent version?

Thanks, I succeeded through this version. I have done mistake in putting the no. of cores for my computer, that were different from the guidelines given.