Error: can not call private or protected function

Dear developer,

I am running a script. It gives me an error of protected function. And at line 156 it gives me an error of computeMT(p4_W,met) function is not defined.

Kindly help me to fix these errors.

Cheers, (5.3 KB)

This error message is very clear. You try to use “computeMT” but you do not provide it (and it is not one of functions that ROOT itself knows). You need to talk to your colleagues what this function is supposed to do and where to get it from.

Is there is some other way to define it, instead of using compute. Or there is some header files which can do it

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As Wile mentioned computeMT is one of the function of your code and/or the experiment code you are using, ROOT (and us) does not know what it should do, I expect that your colleagues and/or person that provided the original code might be able to help you out.