Error bands for TGraphAsymmErrors?

I need to generate a plot that overlays two sets of points, each with asymmetric error bars. Worse than that, each individual point has two sets of error bars, one set for 68% containment (1 sigma) and one set for 95% containment (2 sigma). To accomplish this, I actually overlaid 4 TGraphAsymmErrors, 2 pairs of sets with indentical data points within a pair but different error bars. The problem is that the proliferation of error bar ticks makes the plot very busy. I had hoped to be able to convert one pair of plots (one data set) to use error bands with different colors. I notice however that there are previous hints from Rene that this capability does not exist for TGraphs, but for histograms only. But the histograms do not have asymmetric error bar capability, from what I can tell.

Can someone untie this Gordian knot for me? Have error bands been added to TGraphs in the interim? Any hints would be greatly appreciated!
Phil D.

Use draw option “e2”, eg


Thanks, Rene!
So this option has been added to TGraphs. I didn’t see it on
the ROOT Reference Guide pages…

Can one still get a point in addition to the error bands using
the “P” option? It looks like those get wiped out by the error
band coloration…

Thanks again,
Phil D.

see drawing options for TGraphErrors, etc at: … rors:Paint … rors:Paint

To draw the marhers on top, draw a second time the graph with option "p"