Error 128

:cry: For the first time since years, I have a problem with rootcint. On a program that I have not written but that I try to adapt to Windows XP (from Linux), the Cygwin Makefile fails in the line executing rootcint, with the message:

Generating dictionary …
make: *** [h4anadict.cxx] Error 128

Adding -v4 does not add more details. I have not succeeded in finding what error 128 is. Is there a web site where the error codes of rootcint are explained? Thanks in advance.

I work on Windows XP, with ROOT 4.00.04 (Win32gdk) and Visual C++ 7.0.


The Error 128 is not a rootcint error per se. The last time I saw something similar (but it was with makedepend and not with rootcint) was due to the fact that the makedepend executable could not run.

To debug the problem run gmake with -n to see the command line that is suppose to generate h4anadict.cxx and run it directly you will probably get a better diagnosis.