Equivalent for TF12 for TF3

Dear ROOTers,

I use a 3D function (x,y,z) through the TF3 class, and would like to integrate on one the variable (z) to look at the two as 1D functions (x,y).

For the TF2 class, a dedicated class (TF12) exists. Is there an equivalent for TF3 ?




AS you have seen we do not have TF23. Would you be willing to provide the implementation?


Hi Xavier,

it is not really needed to have a separate TF23 class. You can easly create a TF1 or a TF2 from a TF3 using the constructor explained in root.cern.ch/root/htmldoc/TF1.html#F4

I attach a simple macro doing a projection. You can customize as you want and build for example a function(x,y) = Integral( dz f(x,y,z) )

You can see also the tutorial tutorials/math/exampleFunctor.C

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example_TF23.C (528 Bytes)

Dear Lorenzo,
I am struggling with a similar problem. But I want to get TF1 from a 4-dimention function. Since there isn’t TF4. I got some problems, and could you please write me an example. Thanks very much! I hope it’s not too later…
Best Regards