Environments for offline work

Hi all,

Im trying to run code on my machine(offline). The problem is that the code is adjusted for lxplus and to set up the code, setup.sh scipt need to be sourced. There is no compilation involved. The "setup.sh" scrips use setupATLASto setup ROOT and thePATH/PYTHONPATH` environments.
Specifically, atlasLocalSetup.sh is required.
How can I set up environments locally on my laptop so I can use the code offline?

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Complain to ATLAS, not ROOT.

Hi @vmaksimo,
to elaborate on @Wile_E_Coyote’s succinct answer, I don’t think there is much that can be done on the ROOT side of things, and although some expert ATLAS user might bump into this post and might be able to help, your best bet is to ask the same question on the appropriate ATLAS mailing list.

Note that you can easily get ROOT running on your machine, see e.g. instructions here – but if I understand correctly you also need ATLAS-specific libraries.


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