Entry-dependent calibration

Hi! I have a chain made of several root files with a certain tree, in total about 3E9 events. I have to perform an entry-dependent calibration of a certain leaf of the tree. With the explicit loop on chain (i.e. from MakeClass) this is trivially done, but when trying to use the macro from MakeSelector (ie.e the Process command) I got into troubles.
The “entry” variable seems to be zeroed at each new file of the chain being opened, so I cannot do my calibration using it (every file has several tens million entries). Is there a way to have the “entry” index to run on the total number of events of the chain with the Make Selector macro, as with the explicit loop on events?
I am also asking this in the perspective of using TProof for a parallel use of the Process command from MakeSelector.

Many thanks for help!

Duplicate post. Please follow this topic here: Entry-dependent calibration