Enter/Return key automatically typed when launching ROOT 6.18/02

ROOT Version: 6.18/02
Platform: x86_64
Compiler: linuxx8664gcc

I just updated to ROOT 6.18/02 using Arch Linux’s repo (I’m not sure if this is happening in the official build). It seems that when I launch ROOT from command line. ROOT did’t de-bounce the enter key press from executing the command and generated a few lines of root prompt.

Is this just happening to me or a genuine bug?

Reference image:

I have never seen that happen, maybe it’s just your machine? What’s the output of root -q?

Well… this.

Looks like not root’s problem?

Yes, does not seem related to ROOT, but your environment. Try echo $PROMPT_COMMAND and and cat ~/.inputrc and check for anything suspicious. Cheers,

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