Enabling C++11 in ACLiC LoadMacro

Is there a way to pass a flag to TROOT::LoadMacro to enable C++11 features? E.g. can I pass a -std=c++11 flag somehow? I don’t really care if it is compiler-portable, as long as I can do it for GCC/Clang.

I know C++11 won’t work for CINT, I only want to use it for ACLiC compilation.

{ // customize ACLiC's behavior ... TString o; // customize MakeSharedLib o = TString(gSystem->GetMakeSharedLib()); o = o.ReplaceAll(" -c ", " -std=c++11 -c "); gSystem->SetMakeSharedLib(o.Data()); // customize MakeExe o = TString(gSystem->GetMakeExe()); o = o.ReplaceAll(" -c ", " -std=c++11 -c "); gSystem->SetMakeExe(o.Data()); // customize interpreter's and compiler's flags // gSystem->AddIncludePath("-D__WHATEVER_YOU_NEED__"); } // ... customize ACLiC's behavior