EnablePackage sometimes fails with 5.26-proof04


Recently I am experiencing a weird problem which I dont know how to debug.
I moved to version 5.26-proof04 and since then, I noticed that

gProof->EnablePackage() fails in maybe one or more workers at a time. The appearance of this error and the worker that triggers it is apparently random.
The errors looks like

Wrk-0.26: error: function SETUP() not found in macro 'HISTOGRAMMERPKG/PROOF-INF/SETUP.C': cannot continue
Wrk-0.26: failure loading HISTOGRAMMERPKG ...

The reason behind it is that the link that should be in the worker directory
is not, just for the one that fails, although the package is properly uploaded into the workdir of the worker.

If I move back to 5.26d, then I dont get the error anymore.
And I dont see any hint in the log files.

Any idea?

cheers, carlos


This problem should be fixed in the ROOT trunk and in the trunk of the branch (5-26-00-proof).
In 5.26d you do not see because it relates to a new feature that has been implemented recently
and ported to 5-26-00-proof (not to 5.26x).