Empty name of an object

the discussion [url]Drawing a single contour over a TGraph2D using cont4 triggered my next dumb question. The author uses:

TCanvas* tempCanv = new TCanvas("","",2); // is an empty “name” allowed at all (an empty “title” is fine)?

What are the consequences of the fact that an object is created with an empty “name” (except for the trivial one that one will not be able to “Find” it, or maybe one finds the first object with an empty “name”, if there are more than one)?

I am stupid. No?
Pepe Le Pew.


We strongly recommend to use names. The result in the case where the name is left empty is officially ‘undetermined’. It might be limited to not be able to ‘find’ the object later but depending on the type of the object more functionality might be disabled (for example in the case of TF1).