Embedded TBrowser

Is it possible to embed a TBrowser object (or equivalent) in a GUI (Frame) ? (A bit like TEmbeddedCanvas).

If so is there an example anywhere ?

I couldn’t find one on the website.



da, it’s possible now. Take the developement (4.01)
version of ROOT.
Call SetEditable(kTRUE) for composite frame in
which you would like to embed TBrowser.
Create “new TBrowser”. TBrowser will be located
in composite frame.
Call SetEditable(kFALSE) for composite frame to
go back to normal mode.

Regards. Valeriy

“Idiologically” ROOT GUI classes now have ActiveX

nice ! thanks

by the way, when is 4.01 due to be released ? (I have been working from a binary installation :slight_smile:

The development version 4.00/01 is released. You can take binaries and source from our download page.
In case you are not familiar with our development process,
we started the development of version 4 at Christmas.
A development cycle is typically a few months (say 6).
A development cycle terminates with the release of a PROduction version.
Between PRo versions, we issue several development releases.
We expect to come with 4.00/02 just before the ROOT workshop
at SLAC in 2 weeks.