EDM to .ig converter

Looking for a generic script which can change the EDM file to .ig format i.e, zipped json files for iSpy event display. Is it possible to write a generic script to produce a .ji from a skimmed version of miniAOD or RAW-RECO (CMS)?

Hi @mumuhamm, welcome to the ROOT forum!

I don’t think you can get help here for this CMS-specific problem. You should better ask this question on the CMS forum:


Many thanks for the late-night week-end suggestion. I really appreciate that. Though , I feel its not a very much of a cms-talk question, more of a root question (root-uproot-json flow). Category for such topic might not exist in cms-talk.

This is the forum for ROOT, and the questions are almost exclusively answered by ROOT developers like me, who attend to this forum on a daily basis. That means, once your questions also relate to other libraries like uproot (that are alternatives to ROOT by other developers) and even more particular CMS tools like iSpy, you won’t get help here because the ROOT developers have probably even less knowledge about these tools than you :slight_smile:

That’s why I was suggestion to ask your CMS colleagues, even if it’s in an “other” category. They will probably be able to help you more. I can’t completely exclude that someone will randomly write a useful answer here, but the chances are very slim.