Dynamic slicing with TGLHistPainter on Vista

I am using root 5.22/0 on Vista. I have an embedded canvas (named glECanvas) and have used gStyle->SetCanvasPreferGL(kTRUE). I can draw 2D histograms w/ various glsurf and gllego options and spin the images around in realtime (sweet!) but cannot get dynamic slicing to work. The xz and yz planes turn green when moused over, but left button + shift does not seem to work. Is this a known issue for Vista? Also, panning (left mouse on plot + shift) does not work and zoom/unzoom only works w/ “j” and “k” keys - mouse wheel does not do anything. Thanks!

Well, I just ran the root/tutorial/glsurfaces.c macro - it behaves the way I expected… I will examine this example closely for a hint as to why my application (compiled w/ MS Dev Studio 2008 aka Version 9) fails…

You are right and it does not work in embedded canvas (Vista is irrellevant here). This is because TRootEmbeddedCanvas has its own “event processor” and it differs from TRootCanvas’ one. I don’t remember, I think, tried to modify it, but I was not able to catch a “shift modifier”.
Probably, Bertrand can fix this.


This should be fixed in svn trunk now. I don’t know why this was not implemented in TRootEmbeddedCanvas… Sorry for the trouble.

Cheers, Bertrand.