Dynamic loading of libtool libraries

I’ve recently got interested in the libtool (and GNU auto-tools in general) and found this utility very useful for creating dynamically-loaded libraries.
The libtool package contains so called “libltdl” interface - an API and library for efficient handling of libtool-generated libraries.
Did anyone ever tried to integrate this with ROOT?
The possible advantages sound quite attractive, particularly the possibility of automatic loading of all libraries, on which our particular library depend, by simple: "gSystem->Load(“myLibrary.la”);

Piotr Golonka

Did anything ever happen with this?


a) check the net for people hating autotools before starting anything like that.

b) Use roomap files, $ROOTSYS/bin/rlibmap is the tool generating them. They do exactly what you are looking for.

Cheers, Axel.

Hi there,

the question was asked some 6 years ago… Things have changed since…
Still, libtool is a valid tool, used by plenty of L(U)NIX projects, and having this technology supported by root would be a “nice to have feature ™”. Hence, I disagree with your opinion.