Dynamic Graphs?


Is it possible to draw a moving graph. e.g. a sliding window of 100 values from a large dataset (10000 values) updated every two seconds?

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see example in tutorial seism.C


I ran a script of a “moving” TGraph and I noticed it was leaking memory. I tried deferent ways – same thing. Then I tried seism. It was leaking memory too. One run of seism grabs about 15MB of memory. Neither ->Reset() or delete help.

I run ROOT on Windows XP. I believe it is not a tier 1 platform for ROOT but I think it is not Windows this time.

Any ideas?


I do not see any leak at all with seism.C.
You must be using a very old version.
Please always indicate which version you are using when posting to the Forum.

PS: Windows is a supported platform.


Sorry about version and other info information.

I run root v4.04.02

I included two files:

  1. log of gObjectTable->Print(); before and after seism run
  2. CPU and memory graph of root process as I run seism.


memory1.txt (22.6 KB)

Hi Vlad,

These problems of memory leaks have been solved in latest version.