Duplicate Trees With Different Number of Entries


I have noticed that I have duplicate trees in my root file with different number of entries.

TFile** PARTI_Package/PARTI_Package/trunk/Analysis/OutputFiles/MC12_8TeV_ZH120_llbb_161826_NONE_FlatTuple_AtlasHbbTuple.root
TFile* PARTI_Package/PARTI_Package/trunk/Analysis/OutputFiles/MC12_8TeV_ZH120_llbb_161826_NONE_FlatTuple_AtlasHbbTuple.root
OBJ: TTree physics physics : 0 at: 0xa17f860
KEY: TTree GlobalTree;2 GlobalTree
KEY: TTree GlobalTree;1 GlobalTree
KEY: TTree globalCutflow;5 globalCutflow
KEY: TTree globalCutflow;4 globalCutflow
KEY: TTree physics;4 physics
KEY: TTree physics;3 physics

The larger of the two numbers being the expected number of entries. How does this happen and is it a problem when I use TChain, the hadd macro, etc? Basically are there any pit falls and how do I avoid duplicate trees?

I should add I am using root version 5.30.05 and when writing the TFile I only call the Write method associated with TFile and not the TTree class, as I know this can cause the tree to be copied.



[url]Aux;1 aux;2 aux3;