Through all of my machinations with ROOT I have never been able to get the DrawPanel. The manual says to right mouse click on the curve of a graph and pick DrawPanel from the context menu, I get a window titled “c1_Editor” with one tab labeled “Style”.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Harry,

the DrawPanel as in the doc has been replaced by the new and much more powerful style editor panel (the c1_Editor) you see. Just try changing the attributes using this new editor.

Cheers, Fons.

Ok, but DrawPannel was supposed to be able to change a plot to lego or contour for example, the c1_Editor window I get doesn’t seem to have these options.

Hi Harry,

The user interface you get changes according to the selected object in the canvas. To select an object click with the left-mouse button on it - you will see another GUI related to the object you have selected.

Anyway, if you wish to have the old DrawPanel you can always do:

Cheers, Ilka

no, this old PAW user will try the new :slight_smile:

thanks, try it now

OK Ilka, I’m really dumb

I’ve created this function

TF2 f2(“func2”,“sin(x)sin(y)/(xy)”,-10,10,-10,10)

and then typed


The cursor turns into a hand when it touches the curves. I right click and get a context menu that does indeed have DrawPanel which I choose but get the c1_Editor as I’ve already mentioned.

I want to change it to a contour plot but I can’t see this from the c1_Editor gui I get. SO then, as you suggest, I try left clicking. However, nothing happens except that the cursor changes to a cross mommentarily and then back to a hand. I even tried double clicking but got the same result.

I have version 4.03.02 which I have compiled with Microsoft Visuall C++ .NET 2003 under the guidance of Axel Nauman

thanks in advance for your time.

Hi Harry,

Please use the old interface because the new one is mostly related to the histogram drawing, not to the functions. We will do improvements in this direction.

Best regards, Ilka

Hi Ilka,

Hooray! I made a histogram and I can do all sorts of things with it!


Hi Harry,

The new available GUIs is for: histogram, axis, pad/canvas, graphs, pavestats, curly line/arc, arrows, text, line, fill and marker attributes.

Your feedback of what you would like to have more will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Ilka