Drawing volumes in TGeo

I have 3 questions, but they are probably linked together
(1) - I find nowhere what are the possible options of TGeoVolume::Draw(Option) ?
(2) - In page 334 of the ROOT user guide, paragraph “Colors and Line Styles”, I read: “When drawing in solid mode…”. How does one draws in solid mode? I always get drawings where the volumes are represented by lines. Calling TGeoVolume::SetFillColor(k) changes nothing.
(3) - In the ROOT tutorial geom/rootgeom.C, if I replace the last line top->Draw(“ogl”); by top->Raytrace() , I get all the volumes drawn in white and not the drawing of page 334 of the ROOT manual. It is the same for all setups that I have tried to build, even if I give color to the volumes by calling TGeoVolume::SetFillColor() and TGeoVolume::SetLineColor().
Thanks a lot for your help

Hi Gentit,

  1. The options were changed many times, this is why they are not documented. They are:
    "" - draw in the current pad
    "ogl" - OpenGL viewer
    "x3d" - x3d viewer (obsolete)
    gStyle->SetCanvasPreferGL(kTRUE) + vol->Draw(“gl”) = GL in the pad

2.Solid mode means that the surfaces are filled. This is emulated in the pad via Raytrace() (which is rather slow) and supported by both OpenGL and x3d viewers (default when you use the menu View/View with…)

  1. This behavior was due to the changes made in ROOT default colors and is already fixed in 5.15/06



I wonder if there is a way to use Raytrace() only on some volumes.
I mean, I have my geometry with a lot of volumes and I want to make some on them solid bu using Raytrace() method but when I do it, the other volumes just disappear… Is there a way to say something like Raytrace(“same”) ?
I also tried to use SetFillColor and Draw(“same”) but it seems that the method SetFillColor does not have any effect on a TGeoVolume…